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Daily Breast Massage™ Qigong Exercise for Healthy Breasts

BEST THERAPEUTIC TIPS: 1. Breast Massage · 2. Qigong Exercise · 3. Mindfulness Meditation

Three very important natural remedies for maintaining healthy breasts, for reducing pain from fibrocystic breasts, for cancer prevention are Breast Massage, Qigong Exercise and Mindfulness Meditation. We are excited to present a great collection of these practices in the Spiral Anatomy™ Training Program detailed below. Daily Breast Massage video and Qigong Exercise video and Guided Visualizations are found in Spiral Anatomy™ Module 1.

Spiral Anatomy Module 1Module 1 - Building an Energy Body Collection: Best videos in one package, $100 value. Download $39.95

breast massage qigong for fibrocystic breast disease

Therapeutic TIP 1 - Breast Massage

Spiral Anatomy™ Module 1: Daily Breast Massage™

Holistic Healing and Prevention with Physical Therapy and Qigong - Susan Matthews, MS, ND

Daily Breast Massage™ is a simple therapeutic breast massage technique that can eliminate breast lumps and relieve fibrocystic breasts within a few short months. This instructional breast massage video is an excellent home practice aid for any age or ability. Detailed instruction contains descriptions of breast anatomy, blood circulation, and lymph drainage. Self massage works miracles, even for chronic fibrocystic breast disease. Watch the video clip below to hear testimonials from women who have freed themselves of pain and fear!

More than just simple breast massage, this video contains essential breast massage qigong principles for cultivating healthy qi or vital energy, for training the mind as part of the practice, for improving blood and lymph circulation. Specific circular hand/finger movements are demonstrated. This loving and nurturing practice has many benefits beyond healthy breasts such as changing unhealthy belief systems. Massage is performed lying down. Every woman should be using this as a method of prevention of breast disease everyday-- like brushing your teeth! This video is now contained within Spiral Anatomy™ Module 1.

Spiral Anatomy Module 1Module 1 - Building an Energy Body Collection: Best videos in one package, $100 value. Order/Download only $39.95 See full contents below.

Therapeutic TIP 2 - Qigong and Energy Exercise for Circulation

Exercise and, in particular, gentle movement like qigong and tai chi is recommended. Congested blood circulation and lymphatic circulation in the breast is an indicator of similar condition throughout the entire body. Stress, muscle tension, chronic pain add to the load on the lymphatic system and can cause swelling, and, at the extreme, is at the heart of the pain associated with fibrocystic breast disease and even fibromyalgia. Lymphatic vessels and blood vessels have pain fibers that fire when the vessel is swollen. This presents as migraines, painful joints, or pain along the Chinese acupuncture meridian lines (= superficial lymphatic vessels). Strenuously exercising muscles and excessive aerobic activity is not recommended since this adds to the above load. Tai chi, qigong, walking, or activities such as gentle movement in water serve to move the muscles and joints more passively. The intention should be movement to generate lymphatic drainage and flow, not to build muscle. Often excess weight, 'puffiness' and edema, sluggish energy are signs of lymphatic stagnation. There is strong association with excess toxicity (heavy metal, chemical, environmental, or other exposure) and inflamation that is directly associated with the lymphatic system. We believe these conditions progress to more chronic conditions such as multiple sclerosis (MS) or Parkinson's Disease (PD). Included here in jpeg format is a map of the lymphatic system. Gentle self massage and movement of the entire system is recommended. The following video, Energy Gathering and Blood Circulation Qigong, serves this purpose for the deeper vessels in the abdomen and along the spine. Additionally, Eight Pieces of Brocade Qigong is an ancient qigong set that opens energy, blood circulation and lymphatic flow to the entire system. Read more below about the amazing benefits of this practice.

Qigong Practice videoSpiral Anatomy™ Module 1: Energy Gathering and Blood Circulation Qigong with Susan Matthews

This Qigong video is an excellent home practice aid for any age or ability. I consider it essential that my students practice this first level of exercises on a regular basis. Detailed instruction contains essential principles for cultivating qi, for training mind to move qi anywhere in the body for self healing, and for training the internal movement of energy by the mind in Tai Chi and Qigong practice. QiCircles, or abdominal rotations, and Mindful Massage of the Head, Neck, Hands, and Meridians exercises directly stimulate the lymphatic system, immune system, internal organs, brain, blood circulation, skin circulation, and energy flow in the meridians. Great for detoxification of the tissues. Exercises are performed sitting so it provides a great way to regain strength and energy. Movements also loosen hips and low back. Front and mirror view. Instructions on Qi (Chi) circles and self massage come directly from Wu Style taiji and were taught to me by Grandmaster Wang Hao Da who was 18 years indoor student of Mah Yueh Liang. ©2005 This video is contained in its entirety on Spiral Anatomy™ Module 1.

Spiral Anatomy Module 1Module 1 - Building an Energy Body Collection: Best videos in one package, $100 value. Download only $39.95 See full contents below.

Eight Pieces Brocade Qigong DVDEight Pieces of Brocade Qigong Exercise with Susan Matthews

Eight Pieces of Brocade is one of the oldest known forms of qigong ("CHEE gong") that originated in China some 800 years ago. Qigong means to "cultivate energy" and has been shown to improve overall health and feelings of well-being. It is ideal for beginner tai chi and gigong practitioners. The postures are simple to learn, but doing them correctly for their fullest benefits is key to feeling their profound effects. Practice regularly and mindfully and you will unravel the secret.

The Eight Pieces of Brocade video is in two parts. Part I is the entire sequence practiced to calm music. Part II is presented with detailed instructions for transmitting spirals in two ways: the first way is taught describing a type of power-stretching in which one part of the body is set up in opposition to another, creating an isometric stretch around the joints with a spiraling motion. The second way describes the movements with qi and pure relaxation. 27 min. ©2002, 2006

Spiral Anatomy Module 1Module 2 - Balance plus Brain Workshop™ Collection: Best videos in one package. Download only $39.95

Therapeutic TIP 3 - Visualization and Mindfulness Meditation for Relaxation

Another important part of any woman's life is to have a practice to reduce the effects of stress. Mindfulness meditation and visualization, nourishing the Spirit, nourishes the entire self. Qigong exercise and massage is practiced with mindfulness. On the physical level, a woman can visualize what she is feeling with the massage. She can identify tissue types and the differences between muscle, bone, vessels, veins, arteries, ducts and lymph. “What is important about feeling and identifying these differences is that we can mentally put our minds there,” states Dr. Matthews. "Where the mind goes, qi and energy and blood circulation also goes. The purpose of the visualization is to bring blood and energy (qi) to the area being massaged. By adding an emotional, nurturing loving, quality to the visualization process, it adds power to address the psycho-spiritual aspect of breast health. Positive thoughts and positive feelings should be generated about the breast massage and the decision to be proactive in your health. You can also directly visualize the flow of energy or qi as light. Light can be brought to any place in the body for healing. The direct visualization/feeling of the downward flow of energy stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, enhancing the calm down, relax, digest food system that counters stress."

Three Major Visualizations

As a neuroscientist, I consider these three visualizations the most important information I teach. They are extremely beneficial to the brain and nervous system. This information came from spirit, and from all my wonderful teachers. Please refer to the Study Guide in the menu bar at left, and read more on the Relaxation and Meditation page.

brain circulation Brain Circulation Visualization video guides you to fill the brain and body with energy, light and love. This visualization/meditation practice brings spiritual energy and earth energy to the heart, profoundly affects sense of well being calming the nervous system, reduces fear and anger, and trains the mind to bring healing energy to specific affected areas of the body. This practice benefits sleep and reduces stress, anxiety and depression. This daily bedtime practice is step one for everything. 19 min. This video is contain in Spiral Anatomy ™ Module 1.

get balance Get Balance Visualization is an extension and expansion of the visualization on Brain Workshop™ focusing on Zhong Ding central equilibrium line. Focus on Zhong Ding is a major moving meditation (mindfulness practice). It creates superior balance. It creates a mental focus that reduces energy expenditure by increasing stability when walking or hiking. It increases one's connection with energy of the earth. 37 min. This video is contain in Spiral Anatomy ™ Module 2.

Walking Visualization Meditative walking with zhong ding. 23 min. This video is contain in Spiral Anatomy ™ Module 2.

Breast Massage™ during pregnancy and lactation is safe and highly recommended by midwives and lactation specialists. Massage aids in the ability to transition into nursing with less painful engorgement and dramatically reduces the potential for blocked ducts. Milk-producing hormones do not kick in until birth so it is rare that massage would induce lactation. We recommend that you add even more nipple massage. Use a soft cloth and gently massage nipples and areola to gradually toughen up this tissue to prepare for the nursing infant and to avoid painful tender tissue in the early weeks of nursing. Massaging nipples immediately after giving birth aids in the production of oxytocin that is important for improving uterine contractions, clamping of blood vessels, and release of placenta.

Spiral Anatomy Module 1MODULE 1 Spiral Anatomy™ Training Course:
Cultivating an Energy Body

Module 1 contains an extremely robust visualization, meditation and self massage program that can bring a high level of awareness of the energy in your body. The goal is to experience yourself as an energy being. The materials presented explain the physiology of practicing qigong. In practice, this program can relieve stress, anxiety and chronic pain by promoting relaxation, sleep and healing blood circulation to the brain and internal organs. The visualizations and simple exercises, performed both sitting and standing, are used to refine mind intention and build qi. Self massage and meridian massage enhances qi flow, blood circulation, lymphatic circulation, and immune system function.

Module 1 Contents:

1. Introduction to Spiral Anatomy™ Visualizations for Energy and Blood Circulation (7:40)  
2. Energy-Filling Stress-Reduction Meditation and Brain Circulation Visualization (19:14)
3. Brain and Eye Visualization Aids PDF
4. Introduction to Qigong with Susan Matthews (3:47)
5. Qigong Practice 1 Gathering Energy (1:46)
6. Qigong Practice 2 Qi Circles (15:05)
7. Qigong Practice 3 Head Neck Meridian Self Massage (19:15)
8. Qigong Practice 4 Hand Massage (4:01)
9. Abdominal Breathing Demonstration (2:01)
10. Daily Breast Massage (34:09)
11. Bamen Wu Bu Lecture WANG ZHI XIANG (46.35)
12. WANG HAO DA Neijing Training (1:15:19)

Spiral Anatomy Module 2MODULE 2 Spiral Anatomy™ Training Course:
Balance plus Brain Workshop™

Module 2 contains videos and supplemental materials to help you understand the physical and energetic principles of central equilibrium, one of the most important fundamental principles in tai chi. Central equilibrium training is essential for understanding how to create balance, strength and flexibility in the movements of daily life. With practice you can repair posture to alleviate chronic health issues including chronic pain, and to activate neurorehabilitation and repair. Brain Workshop™ specifically addresses additional movement principles for brain health, especially important for persons with stress, brain injury, Parkinson's, stroke.

Module 2 - Balance plus Brain Workshop™ Collection: Best videos in one package. Download only $39.95

Module 2 Contents:

1. Zhong Ding Energy and Balance Introduction (2:47)
2. Zhong Ding Lecture (6:05)
3. Skeletal Alignment Anterior.jpg
4. Skeletal Alignment Posterior.jpg
5. Skeletal Alignment Lateral.jpg
6. Sacrum and Center of Gravity.jpg
7. Get Balance™ Training and Exercises (37:37)
8. Zhong Ding Central Equlibrium Line Article (PDF)
9. Walking Visualization and Training (23:08)
10. Review of Visualizations (3:42)
11. Brain Workshop I: Integrating Neuroscientific Principles in Movement (46:41) (preview page)
12. Brain Workshop II: Twelve Exercises to Activate the Brain (1:05:50)
13. Eight Pieces of Brocade Qigong (27:31)

Reprint from the New York Times with breast cancer statistics