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Susan Matthews
Shanti School of Taijiquan

Tai Chi and Qigong Classes in Cortez and Dolores

Tai Chi and Qigong Classs for Health -Classes are currently suspended.

Tibetan Tai Chi and Qigong exercise class performed both sitting and standing. Promote health to internal organs by enhancing qi flow, blood circulation, lymphatic circulation, and immune system function. Train for balance, strength and flexibility in the movements of daily life. With practice you can repair posture to alleviate chronic health issues. Great for all ages and for persons with chronic pain, stress, brain injury, Parkinson's. Videos and supplemental materials available (see below). Contact Susan

Tai Chi and Qigong for Strength and Power for Martial Arts and Sports  - Classes are currently suspended.

Tai Chi and Qigong exercise with health benefits listed above. Lan Shou Southern Shaolin Chinese Internal Martial Arts, Powerstretching, Biomechanics. Videos and supplemental materials available (see below). Contact Susan

Learn Tai Chi and Qigong with Spiral Anatomy™ Training Modules

Shanti School is now online. You can get step-wise movement and energy training in the Spiral Anatomy™ collection of lectures and videos. Susan A. Matthews, M.S., N.D. and other Chinese Internal Martial Arts Masters including George Xu, Wang Hao Da, Wang Zhi Xiang, Ye Xiao Long, Shou Guan Shun, Wang Ming Bo and Wu Ji present detailed instruction critcal for beginners of any style. Advanced players will get insights from the highest level Masters from China.

We practice tai chi for strength, flexibility, fluid movement, internal mind-body principles, strength of mind, and strength of heart.
We practice qigong for wellness including tools for mindfulness/meditation, posture, movement, detox, reducing inflammation, and nutrition. This information is essential for deeply rooted balance, freedom from chronic pain, and for rehabilitation with brain Injury.

Private appointments in Cortez and Durango, Colorado and online. 

Spiral Anatomy Module 1Spiral Anatomy™ Training Course
Modules provide stepwise training
for Tai Chi and Qigong for Sports, Chronic Pain, Rehabilitation, Brain Injury, Women's Health

Spiral Anatomy™ Course teaches Tai Chi Principles and Qigong for Chronic Pain, Brain Health and Balance

Learn how to build energy for use in health, strength, power, and consciousness. Learn to feel energy (qi) in the physical body, build it, move it, guide it with the mind and make a direct connection to the spiritual. Check
Guidelines for Pain Relief for information about how to use tai chi and qigong for relief from chronic pain as well as how to cultivate the Subtle Energy Body, and for  Brain Injury. Learn simple yet powerful exercises for BALANCE, POSTURE, FALL PREVENTION, BLOOD CIRCULATION, MEMORY, DIGESTIVE HEALTH, HEART HEALTH, SLEEP, RELAXATION, STRESS REDUCTION, INCONTINENCE.

Spiral Anatomy™ Biomechanics and Energy in Sports and Martial Arts 
Dance, run, hike, ski or bike with Qi Energy!
Experience more fun and more freedom with better biomechanics, alignment, and whole-body integration. Have more speed, endurance and relaxation with less effort and pain. Take your movement art to its highest level--blend heart, mind, energy and spirit in movement. Check the new page on Power Stretching as well as Subtle Energy Body pages to preview the kind of information taught by Susan Matthews in the Spiral Anatomy™ collection.