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The Masters and the Lady

The Lady was injured in spirit and body. For some time she had been making changes in her life in an effort to heal her spirit. She held on to some ways of being, for awhile, but the universe kept showing her what ways she must let go. Recently the universe had let her make a terrible fall that injured her face as well as her spirit. But the Lady knew that the fall was needed so that she could release more old ways and accept the healing.

Soon after the fall, two Masters came to stay with the Lady, The Talking Master and The Being Master. The Talking Master moved with his energy, not his muscles, and spoke many words to explain how he did this. The Being Master spoke few words but the lady could feel his energy with every move he made and every smile that beamed from his face. And The Lady accepted the healing.

The Masters showed her how to move the energy throughout her body to heal herself and to feel power and strength both physically and spiritually. The Talking Master told her that when she had healed herself she could then use her energy to heal others. The Being Master quietly glowed with the energy and smiled at the Lady. The smile was gentle, soothing, and knowing. And The Lady accepted the healing.

The Lady spoke with The Talking Master whenever she found him alone. The Lady had just begun to study The Tao Te Ching and knew The Talking Master must follow The Way. They talked about some of the ideas in the Tao and The Talking Master told her stories of how he used The Way. The Being Master smiled and The Lady accepted the healing.

The Lady spoke with The Talking Master of her physical pains. The Talking Master showed her ways to move energy through the pain in her body. The Talking Master spoke of special herbs that would be needed to totally cure the pain. He wrote beautiful words on paper to describe the herbs so that The Lady might find them. The Being Master smiled and The Lady accepted the healing.

On the final night of the Masters’ visit, The Talking Master removed a special vial from his pocket. The vial contained a soft brown powder. The Talking Master asked for a small bowl and some oil. He mixed the oil with some of the powder and told The Lady to gently rub it on her face before she slept. The next morning The Lady’s face had lost almost all signs of the injury. The Being Master smiled and The Lady accepted the healing.

Later that morning the Masters flew away saying they would come again. The Lady pondered the visit of the Masters. She thought about her wounded body and spirit and knew they would be healed in time. She savored a message received before she slept: "With the spring flowers will come joy." And The Lady accepted the healing.

Carol Anne Harris, February, 2001