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China Camp 2010 Registration and Information Page

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Master George Xu presents

2010 China International Martial Arts Camp at Beijing, China

December 9-23, 2010
A Rare and Unique Opportunity to Train with 18 of the
Greatest Internal Martial Arts Masters in their Style in China.

China Camp 2010 Registration and Information Page

12 Animal Xing-Yi, PiGua, Bagua, Yi Quan,
Yang Style Taiji, Wu Style Taiji, Chen Style Taiji, Li Style Taiji
Lan Shou Quan, Tongbiquan, Tong Bei Quan

Check out this promotional video from 2007 China Camp:

George Xu · Chen Style · Lan Shou Shaolin ·10 Animal Xing Yi 

George Xu (Xu Guo Ming) started martial arts training in 1966 with Zhu Hong Bao, in the three Muslim styles in China: Xing Yi 6 Harmony, 10 Animal Cha Fist, and Chi Shu 7 Postures. Following that he studied with Zhang Qing Lin, a Snake Bagua Master, in this very unique system. He studied the Lan Shou System with Qing Zhong Bao; Cotton Fist with Yang Tian Gui; Chen Style Taiji with Shuong Guang Ren, a student of Chen Xiao Quai; Yang Style Taiji with Shi Wen Deu; and Xing Yi Master Yu Hua Long. His boxing teacher, Zhang Li De, was the undefeated Middleweight Boxing Champion from 1951-57. He graduated from Shanghai Normal University in Mathematics.

In 1981, he came to the United States and began a long career of teaching and bringing Chinese masters not only to the United States, but also exposing the art of high level practitioners to Kung Fu enthusiasts worldwide: Zhou Yuan Long, Chen Style; China Heavyweight Champion Liou Wan Fu (full contact); Ye Xiao Long, Lan Shou Master, Yang Style Taiji Master; Ma Hong, Chen; Wang Hao Da, Wu Style (student of Ma Yueh Liang); Lu Gui Rong, Wu Hao Style; Qian Zhao Hong, Xing Yi; Wang Zhi Qiang, Yang; Yun Yin Sen, Liu He Ba Fa; and Ji Ah Dong, Yang StyleTaiji.


Master Guo Shu Pu (From Tianjing)

Master Guo Shu Pu · Pi Gua Style, Ba Gua Palm, Chen Style Tai Ji, Tao Style, and Bagua Form

Master Guo Shu Pu is a Taoist master from Tianjing City. He was born February, 1946 and was in the Beijing army from 1964 to 1969. When he was very young he started training with Pi Gua master Guo Jin Wu, and also at the Beijing White Cloud Temple with Qu Kei Zhang Ke, a Taoist master, and practiced Taoist martial arts, taiji,and bagua Wind and Thunderstorm, White cloud palm form, and also chasing the wind palm form. Additionally, he practices Pi Gua fist, which is a chopping and uppercut fist form, Yu family style spear, Wu Dan Sword, and many other styles. He has written many articles, more than ten on Wu Dan sword, palm, and internal training. He is one of the top Wu Dan masters--famous in China--on the cover of many magazines. If you want to understand Chinese Wu Dan Style, then you must come train with this master. Many Wu Dan masters received their training with him.

Master Liu Bo Xue (from Tianjing)

Master Liu Bo Xue · Yang Style Taiji and Tong Bei (from Grandfather).

Master Liu Bo Xue specializes in family style of Tong Bei, Gorilla Style. This style is direct from the Zhang Zhu lineage. His granfather was the Beijing Security Chief of the Nine Gates of the Forbidden City. Master Liu is a great fighter, each hit is deadly. When he does form, his palm is red like fire, his speed is like the wind, his action in and out is like a monkey, his power is like lightning, very deadly. He will share authentic, knowledgable, traditional Tong Bei with students.

Goriilla = qi through the back. His grandfather taught in Tianjing and Beijing whole lifetime, and was undefeatable. he held classes in the park with many challenges, but remained undefeatable.




Master Shi Shen Lin (from Beijing)

Master Shi Shen Lin studied Ba Ji Quan, Xin Yi 12 animals, Ba Gua form.

Master Shi Shen Lin was born in 1951 and started martial arts training with his father when he was eight years old. In 1965 he started training with his taiji and baji master along with xing-yi and bagua palm. He studied with master An Shu Bao who was China's Taijiquan Martial Arts Association President before the revolution. He also studied with grand master An Ji Hai before the revolution. He was a China central government kung fu acadamy master learning long fist, six harmony fist, drunken fist, and monkey fist. In 1984 he studied with Taoist grand master Qu Ku Zhang Wu Dan sword and Wu Dan style. In 1986 he studied Dong Hai Chuan Bagua Palm with master Gao Zhi Ying and all the bagua weapons. His school is called Rang Fong City Bagua Kung Fu Acadamy. His many students get gold medals in national bagua competitions including 180 students winning in the first six places in national, city, and provincial competitions, 13 first place in national competitions, 8 second place, and 15 third place winners.


Master Yu Pei Kuan (from Beijing)

Master Yu Pei Kuan specializes in Xing-Yi 5 Element, Ba Gua, Shao Lin, Yang Style Tai Ji and Wu Style Taiji.

Master Yu Pei Kuan was born in 1949. He began studying martial arts at the age of 13 with master Wang Na Fa. He has practiced xing -yi and all kinds of weapons. In 1975 he began his study of Le Style Taiji with master Zhang Wan Shen. Also after 1980 he studied with master Zhu Gang Fa and Zhang Shu Chen xing-yi, bagua, tong bei, and taiji. Then in 1984 began studies with bagua master Gao Zhi Yong and Wu style master Wang Pei Shen.

Master Zhao Ya Jun (from Beijing)

Master Zhao Ya Jun specializes in 5 Element Tong Bei, and Chen Style Taiji.

Master Zhao has practiced Tong Bei and other martial arts from a very young age with master Lu Yong Che including 5 element tong bei and Yang and Chen style taiji. His teacher is in direct lineage of grandmaster Zhang Chu. He is an learned tongbei usage, fighting, and weapons from Lu Bao Xu. He is Hu Bei province Rang Fong City Wu Shu Association Vice President and Tongbei Association Vice President.

Click here to see a video clip of his morning workout DVD from China Camp 2007. 2007 Students really liked him and his teaching style at this camp.



Master Zhou Hong (from Beijing)

Master Zhou Hong · Le Style

Le Style taiji comes from Ching dynasty master Le Rei Dong who was the king's brother and royal family martial arts teacher. Le style taiji has 5 element hammer fist. He is an expert at Wu Gong taiji called 8 strategy unique fist, taiji spear, broad sword, and taiji sword. He practices Shaolin internal fighting as well as xing-yi 12 animal and taiji fighting mixed together. He is kung fu chief instructor of Le style taiji in Rang Fong city and Wu Shu Association Vice President. He is a Zhang Wang Shen indoor student, known as a very powerful explosion master. Li Style Form


Master Jin Qi Rong (from Beijing)

He is the chief instructor of International Yi Quan Assoication. He Studied Ba Gua Palm, Yi Quan (Da Chen Quan), weapons, push hand, fighting, and internal training.


Master Wu Ji · Shi Chuan Wumei Mountain Lan Shou Shaolin

Master Wu Ji used to be in China’s special army where he defeated all other specialists. His nickname is "Copper Skin-Iron Bone Man." He is one of the best fighters. He will teach whole body unified power, body conditioning, Chinese 23 fighting principles, and also two man fighting training, Shaolin fundamental fighting basics, single line exercise training, six direction power, and power stretching.

Click here to see Wu Ji videos from China Camp 2007




Master Wang Lian Fu (from He Bei Lan Fan)

Master Wang Lian Fu studied Tong Bei, Yang style Taiji, Yang Shao Hou fast Taiji, Taiji sword, big broad sword, Chan Shi Taiji, and push hands.

Master Wang started practicing martial arts at 12 years old with his father doing tong bei. Later, he studied with older village masters tong bei, yang style taiji, taiji sword, Wu Dan, Chen and Yang Sword. His specialty is Yang Shao Ho taiji alive step, fast usage form, early traditional taiji Yang style. He is prominent at many kung fu competitions and research meetings and is a well known martial arts master.



Master Gao Fi

Wu Dan master Gao Fi is a pure internal master. He is alive like a monkey. Inside he moves like a cat. In fighting he fights like a predator.



Master Yuan Bao Hai (yello silks student

Master Yuan Bao Hai was born in 1948 in Hunan province. He has studied martial arts since 1967 with many masters. He is expert in xing-yi 12 animal, taiji Yang style, and Shaolin kung fu. He is a member of Beijing Wu Shu Association, a national judge, and President of Beijing Pao Style Martial Arts Association.


Dates and Program (details subject to change): December 9 through December 23, 2010. 
China Camp 2010 Registration and Information Page for details. updated may 24, 2010

December 9 – Day 1 Arrive in Beijing. George will pick you up at the airport and transport you to the hotel. Sightseeing in Beijing. Family members same.

December 10 - Day 2 · Grand Epoch City
Morning sight seeing in Beijing
2:00 pm Master's Demonstrations: Performances from a great assemblage of the most prestigious internal arts Masters in Beijing, Ten Jing, Shanghai, and elsewhere in China. All leaders and system founders are invited, Wu Style, Chen Style and others' presidents and their assistants. 50 Masters will be demonstrating their skills. It will also be a social event for all to meet each other and share information about their styles. Afternoon travel to Grand Epoch City.

December 11 -15 · Day 3-7 Training Begins- five days
Family members will visit: Lang Fang City, Tien Jin City, Xiang Shang county and near by cities.

Daily Training.
Early Morning session- 7:00 to 8:00
Breakfast – 8:00-9:00   All you can eat (buffet style)
Morning session 9:00 – 12:00 1˝ hours per session. Each day you will train with at least two different masters. You may train with the same masters the entire camp or with the combination of your choosing.

Lunch 12:00 – 1:00
Rest time 1:00 – 3:00
Afternoon session 3:00 – 6:00   
1˝ hours per session
Dinner 6:00 – 7:30
Group Lecture 8:00 – 10:00   Each day two masters will lecture about their specialties, their secrets, their experience and demonstrate their principles (art).

December 16 · Day 8
This day we go sight seeing.

December  17-21 · Day 9-13 - 5 days Training
Family members will visit:
Beijing - national museum, forbidden city, bird's nest, great wall etc..

December 22· Day 14 Local  Performance

December 23 - Day 15
Back to Beijing to airport. If you want to stay to continue training with any of the Masters, we can arrange that for you. All the masters are available.

2010 China Camp Registration and Fees

The China Camp 2007 Video Project

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