Picture tour of 199 Bobcat Lane


Sit back, relax, enjoy the ride...


It's a beautiful drive from town (Bayfield or Durango) up the Pine River Valley on County Road 502 and 504. Traveling through historic ranching country, well-maintained county roads give you year-round access.




Welcome to Timberdale Ranch


You have arrived at 199 Bobcat Lane! This picture is taken at the southeast corner of this dynamic property. Bobcat Lane is the southern boundary of the property which extends from this point, past the bend up ahead, to the cul-de-sac.

Look right. In the shot below we are in the same spot looking, north, up the meadow, along the eastern boundary.



My favorite southern exposure is sheltered with pines and oak, has maximum privacy, and is a prime solar building site at the base of the hill. This site requires only a short driveway to the cul-de-sac; electricity and phone lines travel underground to the lot line.



Let's take a walk around the property. It feels much, much bigger than 8.53 acres because of the terrain. The point of a long ridge, called Bear Hill, ends within the property leaving a steep valley on the west and the sunny meadow on the east. In the shot below we are standing at the southwest corner of the property looking up the valley.


And in the following shot we have hiked up the valley and are looking back down the western boundary from the northwest corner of the property.


And finally this one is from the very top of the hill looking down at the cul-de-sac at the southwest corner. The solar building site is below us.


The views from the top of the hill are breathtaking. I always imagined a gazebo up here near this ancient limber pine, perfect for the writer's imagination and sleeping under the stars.


A beautiful southeasterly view of Timberdale Ranch; the horse pasture and common area is in the distance.


And looking to the east...


It is most common in Southwestern Colorado to have clear, sunny days where you can see over fifty miles in the distance. The San Juan Mountains lie to the east while the La Platas are to the west.


From the top of Bear Hill you can take off northwards on hike up the ridgeline. The entire northern boundary of the property is adjacent to virtually unaccessable, undeveloped ranchlands.



Walking back down the eastern side of the hill brings us to the back woods building site nestled in the pines. It is a bit wetter on this side of the hill.


Old growth pine, oaks, and a variety of other vegetation makes for lovely walks and attracts abundant wildlife.



Thank you for taking this tour. A video of the property can be obtained by emailing Susan at mail@susanamatthews.com or call 970-903-5723.