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Master George Xu 

George Xu Annual Workshop in Southwestern, Colorado
Cortez, Colorado is conveniently located near Durango, Telluride, Mesa Verde and Canyonlands National Parks

Friday - Saturday - Sunday, July 21-23, 2017
Taiji * Xing-Yi * Lan Shou * Qigong * Energy

Friday 4:30-6:15pm
Saturday and Sunday 8:30am-4:30pm

As always we will learn high-level internal secrets. We will practice Taiji, Lan Shou, Broadsword, and Xing-Yi Intermediate and Advanced Internal Principles.
You can expect detailed mind-energy-physical information rarely offered by Chinese masters. Many seminar attendees are teachers and 15+ years, so it is a great investment in high level training and practice.
There will be a lot of two-person training, push hands, applications at this workshop.

6:30-8:30pm Saturday Evening Practice Session: Form, Two Person Energy Training, Push-Hands, Applications.

Tuition: $250 full workshop (before June 15 ) = $225 Friday, Saturday and Sunday, plus Saturday night practice $25; $120 one day. After June 15, $135 per day, $275 full workshop. Call to register ASAP, limited enrollment, lots of personal attention. Register before June 15 and receive a free streaming video (Lan Shou Applications and Broadsword) plus a wooden broadsword.

Location: The Millennium Center- COME DANCE TONIGHT! Ballroom. Beautiful huge facility with mirrors.
20 W Main St, Cortez, CO 81321

Call Susan 970-903-5723

Register and pay online:

Xu Workshop Tuition


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To prepare for this workshop we recommend
New video: George Xu on Superior Power in Chinese Martial Arts

pp $49.95 Streaming. Please provide gmail address when ordering either in the notes to seller or in a separate email. Please review the Streaming Guide before ordering.
pp DVD + Shipping

george xu videoSuperior Power From Indirect Invisible Force: Advanced Training on Vertical Force, Gravity, Internal Body Art, and Space

This video describes how to maximize power even more fully.
George describes doing nothing to get everything with pure internal, the power of emptiness, hua jing, invisible force, where everything physical melts. The power is indirect. Mind affects the space field, connected to internal body art that finally directs the physical. He gives exercises and testing to amplify your force with this invisible force, borrowing force from the sun and the earth.

Vertical force results from transferring the opponent’s force to the ground, creating sinking and rising force at the same time. Use their force against them. Reaction force is invisible and indirect. The more sinking force to the ground, the more comes back. With melting more comes back.

Gravity is heavy dead weight of whole body with no physical toughness, wu wei, do nothing, effortless, do without doing (no energy or physical effort added on). Focus on enemy, totally relax, physical arm is not felt, spiritual arm within body is felt.


Body art in this way is that the body makes the arm like a puppet, no arm muscle or shoulder used. Body makes open close and the arm becomes subconscious. Connect but not connect. Requires sucking the arm into the body. Dantien is shoulder, feet to head is the arm. Opponent cannot feel your arm, but must feel your body. This is what your enemy feels. Four become one, everything generated out of the body movement. Self power is maximum, arm power is minimum. Let enemy feel the body first before arm. The above three become automatic and mind focuses on the invisible, space, 6 dimension force. You feel the space, the energy is not linear but is the volume of the space. Play the hua jing. The external space power is totally separated from the internal body. You have two bodies. External (space) body goes first, internal body follows. The external force has centripetal, spiral, counterweight, long leverage and creates invisible force coming first with internal body following.

pp $49.95 Streaming. Please provide gmail address when ordering either in the notes to seller or in a separate email. Please review the Streaming Guide before ordering.
pp DVD + Shipping


Shanti School gladly sponsors George Xu. As always he returns with many new "secrets" and ways to conceptualize energy movement and the effortless use of internal energy for power. George Xu is a Gold Medal winner in Chen Style and is expert in Lan Shou Shaolin, 10 Animal Xing Yi and many other Chinese Internal Arts. He is internationally famed and appreciated for his openness with expressing and teaching high-level internal concepts, a true hands-on teacher.

George Xu (Xu Guo Ming) started martial arts training in 1966 with Zhu Hong Bao, in the three Muslim styles in China: Xing Yi 6 Harmony, 10 Animal Cha Fist, and Chi Shu 7 Postures. Following that he studied with Zhang Qing Lin, a Snake Bagua Master, in this very unique system. He studied the Lan Shou System with Qing Zhong Bao; Cotton Fist with Yang Tian Gui; Chen Style Taiji with Shuong Guang Ren, a student of Chen Xiao Quai; Yang Style Taiji with Shi Wen Deu; and Xing Yi Master Yu Hua Long. His boxing teacher, Zhang Li De, was the undefeated Middleweight Boxing Champion from 1951-57. He graduated from Shanghai Normal University in Mathematics.

In 1981, he came to the United States and began a long career of teaching and bringing Chinese masters not only to the United States, but also exposing the art of high level practitioners to Kung Fu enthusiasts worldwide: Zhou Yuan Long, Chen Style; China Heavyweight Champion Liou Wan Fu (full contact); Ye Xiao Long, Lan Shou Master, Yang Style Taiji Master; Ma Hong, Chen; Wang Hao Da, Wu Style (student of Ma Yueh Liang); Lu Gui Rong, Wu Hao Style; Qian Zhao Hong, Xing Yi; Wang Zhi Qiang, Yang; Yun Yin Sen, Liu He Ba Fa; and Ji Ah Dong, Yang StyleTaiji.

Register and pay online: Contact: Susan Matthews 970-903-5723.

Presented by Shanti School of Taijiquan and Durango Tai Chi

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